Avalon Academy

Are you looking to get into motorsport?

This time next year, you could be a racing driver

Avalon Academy is a unique driver coaching & mentoring programme targeted at novice drivers who are looking to get involved in the exciting world of motor racing.

it is clear that drivers starting out in motorsport these days need more than just a knowledge of racecraft and driving technique – although these are certainly important! Contemporary racing drivers need to have a rounded skill set that goes beyond simply driving fast. Most of this supporting knowledge and understanding is seldom taught, and drivers are expected to pick it up as they go along. My programme seeks to do things differently.

The Complete Package

I know from personal experience, and from dealing with young drivers in the past, which areas are most valuable when starting out in motorsport, and which areas even experienced drivers say, “I wish I knew more about that when I first started racing!”

I have therefore put together a programme that combines workshop-based learning with real-life practical application, and focuses on key knowledge and skills that will give drivers the best possible start to their racing careers. The programme includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Understanding the different disciplines of motorsport and how to get started in each;
  • Preparing for and passing the ARDS test;
  • Physical and mental preparation ahead of a race event;
  • Approaching companies for sponsorship and securing funding;
  • Driving technique and racecraft;
  • Basic technical knowledge of a race car

How long does it take?

If you’re a racing rookie who has not yet started to look at the step up to car racing, I pledge to get you race-ready in 12 months. This covers everything, from helping you pass your ARDS test right up to sourcing a race car and getting you started in your chosen category. Naturally, if you’re already part way through this journey, it’s likely you’ll be up and running sooner.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give new drivers is not to rush making your debut, and make sure the groundwork is in place before you jump in with both feet! Otherwise it tends to be more expensive and you end up putting increased pressure on yourself, which impacts both your performance and your enjoyment.

How much does it cost?

You can ask me about any of this stuff for free, but the more valuable hands-on learning will incur a cost. Watch this space for an exciting announcement in the coming months, as i am in the process of putting something very special together with a partner company.

Get Started For Free

I firmly believe that the best way to ensure you start your racing career with all the tools you need to succeed is to learn through a 360-degree programme that is tailored to your needs. That being said, there is a wealth of more general advice out there that provides a great starting point to learning about the intricacies of becoming a successful racer. Most of this is no-cost or low-cost. Whilst I think you’d benefit most from joining the Avalon Academy programme, I want most of all to see young drivers succeed in their efforts to break into motorsport, and so I’m keen to promote good third party content when I find it. Below are a few of my favourites.

Racing Mentor

Racing Mentor is the brainchild of motoring journalist Jess Shanahan, who set up her website to help drivers find success with sponsorship, although her content is also applicable to other sportspeople as well. Whether you’re a newcomer struggling to find sponsorship or an established driver looking to move up the motorsport ladder, there is advice here that will help you.

Jess has also recently launched a new book, Get Paid To Race, which is a very accessible and comprehensive guide on building your profile, engaging with sponsors and securing those all-important deals. This is recommended reading for my programme, so why not get a head start and check it out?


Driver61 is considered by many to be the essential novice guide to race driving technique. Set up and delivered by former F1 test driver and versatile racer Scott Mansell, Driver61 offers a wide range of free content covering everything to do with motorsport. But it is perhaps most famous for its Drivers University, an in-depth e-learning course featuring hours of video content that guides drivers through every facet of circuit driving to become faster, safer and more consistent on track.

Also be sure to check out Scott’s definitive circuit guides before you go out on track for a track day, test day or race event. They’ll get you up to speed far quicker than disseminating hours of amateur on-board footage on YouTube!