About Me

About Me

My Story

In November 2016, my life changed forever when I became a dad for the first time. It was the single most amazing moment of my life, and the first step on a journey that I still feel I have only just begun.

As anyone who has become a parent can, I’m sure, relate to, from that moment I was willing to sacrifice everything for my baby girl. My life was all for her now!

Fast forward almost three years, and my mantra is still the same. My daughter comes first and always will. But even if I say so myself, this being a dad thing – I’ve got this! Yes, I’m always tired and yes, children’s TV occasionally makes me question my own sanity, but overall I would give myself a solid passing grade in parenting.

It got me thinking. I had willingly put my own dreams on hold when my daughter was born, but did the two have to be mutually exclusive? Could I follow my dream of becoming a racing driver whilst still being an awesome dad? Was it even possible? There are so many potential pitfalls and conflicts – time, money and commitment to name just 3. I definitely didn’t want to sacrifice my family time or my daughter’s development to pursue my own interests.

So my mission begins. An ordinary bloke, with no prior racing experience and absolutely useless with a spanner, looking to finally achieve the dream of getting into motorsport at the tender age of 33. And doing it without compromising my family values or priorities. Can it be done? I’m out to find out, and also to inspire all the other dads out there that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

My name is Toby Owen, and I am a racing dad.

Career Milestones and Biography

BRSCC MX-5 Championship – 85th Overall (competed in 4 rounds)

Grand Prix Karting Open League – 9th Overall (competed in 2 rounds)
11th May 2019 – First MX-5 Championship points, Cadwell Park

Grand Prix Karting Open League – 6th Overall with 2 wins

No prior racing experience!