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Latest News & Blogs

Testing At Donington Park GP

Following my last racing action at Cadwell Park, we discovered a fundamental issue with the car’s engine performance. I took the decision to abstain from racing in the MX-5 Championship until we had got to the bottom of it and put it right. Last week, I took the car to get its engine tested at a specialist builders. That gave me the data I needed on exactly how much power my car was lacking. This week, to complete that baseline,…

My Daughter’s First Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of my favourite activities to do with children (or young-at-heart adults)! The aim of the game is to find all of the items, landmarks or features on a list and then get to the defined finishing point. This makes it a really versatile activity that can be done in any setting. It can also be educational, helping to introduce children to new settings or concepts. Setting the Scene First, choose the items that will go…

A Trip To BLiNK Motorsport

Yesterday I accompanied my team-mate Martin Tolley to the BLiNK Motorsport workshop in Cheshire, along with our MX-5 race cars. Those who compete in Mazdas will know BLiNK well; they are the premier engine builders in the Mk1 championship and supply around three quarters of the field. We discovered at Cadwell Park that my car appeared to be significantly down on power compared to my rivals. The aim of the trip to the workshop was to try and understand where…

The Bridge Challenge

This activity is great for introducing kids to engineering because it’s relatively simple and has real-life application. I’ve used K’Nex in my example because it’s a may favourite construction kit, but also because it actually looks like many of the bridges you see around the place every day. However, you can use pretty much anything to make bridges – even paper! Don’t underestimate the strength of folder paper. Setting the Scene Yes, this is an important lesson in engineering, but…